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From the picture you can probably guess that I come from Sydney, Australia. I am an eight year old cross Maltese Terrier and Shih Tzu. I was born on March 2, 1998. Everyone says that I look more like a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. I think that is only because of my colouring however. I looked very different to my other siblings when I was born and my Mum thinks that I was the prettiest in the litter. But she could be biased!

When I was about 10 weeks old I went to Puppy School and was voted the "Prettiest Puppy in Puppy Class" by the people sitting in the vet's waiting room! I was very good at school and learned everything BUT I refused to do "DROP". The Vet said that that was easier for big dogs to do and I thought that if I was good at "SIT", I would never really need to do "DROP".

I am very sweet and get on well with all kinds of other animals (well, dogs and cats anyway). I am also good with people. I am a peacemaker, and if any of the other animals in the house start to play too roughly, I step in and defuse the situation.

I hope you like my website. I have tried to make it interesting by including lots of different things about Australia, as well as cute pictures of me and my family and friends. Let me know if you like it.

You can also find out about my bravery, after my operations.

[The Bionic Bitch]

Some of my favourite photos! (But I think I need more practice horseriding - it is really hard!)

Jendi on horseback - almost Jendi Jendi

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