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Mum says I was a pretty cute puppy and she says that these photos prove it. I was a baby before mum had a digital camera so she only has a "few" photos.

With my friend Miffy. We went to Puppy School together.


With my big brother Gonzo - he is now at the Rainbow Bridge.
I was never afraid of a challenge!


Miffy and I are a little bit older here but still having fun.
Mum bought a special house just for us. I love it - and it is big enough for about three dogs.


I would just BEG Gonzo to play with me. I loved him so much. I even used to clean his teeth for him!
My favourite toy. I think it really belonged to BP but he let me play with it.


This is Miffy's special bed. We loved to play in it together.
But sometimes you just have to "chill out"! Too much fun!


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