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*female puppy, canine or dog with artificial bits
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Sometimes life deals us a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges. I have had a few "sporting injuries" in my time. I now have two artificial knees. Both my cruciat ligaments had to be replaced because I was just too fast, and changed direction too quickly, for my own good.

Dr Steve

This is Dr Steve. He is my personal physician. He does all my major operations. I really luvvv him - he gives me lots of liver treats. He doesn't like this photo so I agreed to camoflage it a bit. But I tried to keep his eyes OK - they are soooo gentle! I told you I luuuuv him!

He doesn't really understand my tummy tickles requirement though- unlimited. U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D! A brief little scritch at the start and end of the consultation does not meet minimun requirements. Mum says 'I are a addict'!

My Operations


My left back leg went early in 2001. I wasn't too happy because it meant that I had to recuperate for a couple of months before I could get a little baby brother.

I might have been incapacitated but it didn't mean I had lost my touch getting what I wanted. Still as fetching as ever!


Even as a convalescent I still had to do my job - supervising in the garden. I tried to keep my bandage clean - but it was hard!

My last operation was in April 2003. This time I had to have my right knee done. This is NOT my best side - thank you. I would appreciate a bit of privacy! When you are having a "bad-hair day" you don't need a camera chasing you around.

Jendi - bad hair day
Jendi - saying no to the camera

I said NO! I don't want the world to see me when I am this vulnerable. You can't bribe me with the gi-normous bone either! Get that camera out of my face!

Sometimes you just have to humour them! I am very sore but trying to be the best little soldier.

Jendi - stoic
Jendi with her Purple Heart  

Dad said that I was so brave that I deserved a Purple Heart - with oak leaf cluster.

Now, who's up to the challenge of the Bionic Bitch!!(Actually this picture was taken before all the "trouble" - I'm not allowed to dance any more. If I try, Mum or Dad yells at me.)


Don't mess with the Bionic Bitch!

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