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If you would like to be one of Jendi's CyberFriends just email me with a photo and a bio.

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New - Friends Mum and Dad have cuddled and patted!

My Pembroke Welsh Corgi cyberfriends from New York are, from the left, Rio, Alex and Mac. Rio, the fish - he just loves his water; Alex, a ball-a-holic, will "play anyone into the ground"; while Mac, the "tribal elder", loves his walks. I probably shouldn't make this public, BUT he gets so enthusiastic, he has to stay on his lead! They have a beautiful website

Rio, Alex and Mac

Bailey Bailey the Lhasa Poo is from near Washington DC. He was a stray who found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - in his new family (Kayla and Kody). He hasn't yet managed to make it clear to Kayla that he is the boss. So much cuteness - we could make beautiful music together Bailey!
Say g'day to Reba. She is my first German Shorthaired Pointer cyberfriendfriend. She comes from Indianapolis (but, she is not Indian). She is a bit of a tom-boy BUT (this is a secret) she has the hots for Newt! I think she also has a thing about athletic dogs with great bods! Check out her website Reba
Newt This is the Newtster from Virginia. Newt has been a real working dog - herding "woolies" - as they say! He has retired from herding and now enjoys a bit of TV and digging in the garden. His mum says he is very protective of his family - now he is a bodyguard to die for! Whitney Houston - eat your heart out! Check out the clever things he can do on his site.
This is Marshal Dillon. He is a Springer Spaniel and lives in Ontario, Canada. He has just turned 1. He has been back-squadded (as they say) at Obedience School - he insists on deciding when he will display his learning! On ya Marshal D - one for the canines! He may be young but he sure is spunky. His mum has closed his website for a while but I will let you know as soon as you can check him out for yourself. Marshall D
Dzenga This is Dzenga. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback from Belgium. Isn't he handsome? He is five years old - just the right age! But, he has a girlfriend and she lives a lot closer than I do - damn! His mum takes lots of pictures, but he doesn't mind. I think he is a bit extrovert, but not a "show pony"! He has a great site here.
This is Casey. He is a ten year old Wire Fox Terrier. Unfortunately, he lives on the other side of globe, in Winnipeg, Canada. He has been quite forward in declaring his feelings for me, and even though he is a mature gentleman, he is very debonair and I am tempted! You can find out more about Casey by visiting his website

Casey went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 27th, 2005. He is greatly missed.
Drift This is Drift. He is a Border Collie from Holland. He is a real "working dog" and lives on a farm. Unfortunately, he is a bit young for me - he is only two years old. But I think it is socially acceptable for a lady to have a younger boyfriend these days, isn't it? Why don't you visit him and all his family?
This is Aspen. He lives in Canada. I think he is a real dog's dog! WOW, does he get up to some tough tricks - he has so many prizes for agility and stuff he can hardly fit them all in one picture. I have a soft spot for athletic dogs with great bods! You can visit his webpage here. My "Aussie Aspen" passed to the Rainbow Bridge on 10th December 2003. I will miss him! Aspen
Spike This is Spike from Maine in the USA. He is a Chihuahua that was a "Puppy Mill" puppy and almost died when he was little. His mum rescued him and he has "lived happily ever after". Spunky! - he makes my heart run too fast for my own good! Spike has had to go to a new home and doesn't have a new website yet. His mum is really sad that he had to move on.
This is Holley. She lives with Missie's mum and tries to bring her as much love as Missie did. She is an Australian Shepherd - but she is a Texan. You can visit her on her homepage. Her mum says she is really good at school and got awards and everything! She must have studied VERY hard. Missie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You can visit Missie on Jangles Memorial Quilt. Holley waiting for tummy rubs
Biscuit and Pugzelle This is Biscuit and Pugzelle. They are from South Africa. I think they must be "old", they are so wrinkled. Gonzo said they may have been chasing a bus that stopped suddenly. I think he was joking but I am not sure - they sure look "squished up"! They have a great website. You can visit them and find lots of links to other Pug sites here
This is Vanda. She is a miniature Schnauser from Argentina. She lives near the ocean and, as you can see, she likes to go to the beach and get a bit messy. Definitely a girl after my own heart! You can visit her (and her sister Phoebe) by clicking here Vanda
Dante This is Dante. He is from Sweden. He is a Hovawart. He has a "girlfriend" that goes to Obedience School with him. (He says she's NOT, she says she IS!) Her name is Zsa-Zsa. She must be naughty - I never had to go to "obedience" school! You can visit his homepage and you might see a picture of her. I won't look!
This is Bliss. She is a Shih Tzu, like me (partly). She is a real "champion" dog (well, bitch really!). She has a big, fancy name, but she is not a snob and her friends just call her "Bliss". You can visit her and all her family on their homepage Bliss
Santana This is Santana. She is a 8 year old American Cocker Spaniel but she comes from Canada. She shares a lot of my hobbies - being cute, getting tummy rubs and cuddles, shredding paper (especially tissues, for me!) and going for walkies. Maybe that makes us "soul-sisters". She has lots of fun stuff on her site. Maybe you could join her Birthday Club?
This is Pepe. He is a six year old Papillon (I think that means he is a "big ears")! But he is pretty cute, eh? He has lots of brothers and sisters and they live in Florida. You can visit them all by clicking here

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