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If you would like to be one of Jendi's CyberFriends just email me with a photo and a bio.

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New - Friends Mum and Dad have cuddled and patted!

This is Jed. He is a Kiwi. Well, not literally, or he would look more like a bird! He comes from New Zealand. He looks just like "Dog" (you know, from Footrot Flats). I think he might be related but he won't admit it! You can find out more about him here Jed

Avery This is Avery. He is a Yorkshire Terrier from Georgia (USA, not former USSR). He also has a little sister called Amanda - and is she cute or what! Visit them both on his homepage. He also has "birds" in his family, but we don't like to talk about that!
This is Joschi. He is a mixed-race dog like me. He is half long-haired Dachshund and half Pekinese. He is REALLY handsome. Now, that is a tail I can relate to! I think we would make a very nice pair. Pity he lives in Germany! You can visit him, and his artist dad, on his website Joschi
Drew with his teddybear This is Drew. He is a Pomeranian and is even smaller than I am. I think I am in LOVE! He looks like we could be great play-a-holics together. You can visit his page by clicking here
This is Bubbles. He is a Shih Tzu like part of me and he was born in Malaysia. He migrated to the USA and is the only friend I have who is a migrant! He is really special. And so cute! He is also a play-a-holic which makes him just about perfect. Be still my heart! Check out his website Bubbles
Abby and Tilly These "two little schnauzers from Tennessee" are Abby and Tilly. Tilly, the senior partner, has a very important job. She is a Therapy Pet - you have to be VERY good and gentle to get a job like that! Abby is sometimes called the "schnoozer" BUT she is a bit of a tearaway too, I hear. Visit them on their mini-farm here . They also have a new little sister called Jenny. She is pretty lucky to have such great sisters and family.
This is Fidel. He is a Chihauhua who lives in Panama with his mom Claudia and dad Jr. How cool is that jacket? What a heart-breaker! Don't you just hate it when all the "good ones" live thousands of miles away? You can visit Fidel on his webpage Fidel
Fuh Guess what? I have my very first Japanese cyber-friends! They are two girls from Osaka and they are both Basset Hounds. This is Fuh. She was born in 1998 like me and she just loves eating BUT still maintains a VERY trim figure. Don't you just hate her? She also loves riding in the car, so she is allowed to sit in the front. Way to go Fuh!
This isYuh - the baby in the family. She has a bit of a sweet tooth and just loves ice-cream and sweets BUT she has to battle to keep her figure. Normal! She is a bit of a flirt and they say that when she walks around shaking her broad hips that she is very lovely. If you've got it, flaunt it! You can visit both girls and see the great photos they have here Yuh
Zorro, Rino and Buster These are the "Poodle Boys" from Finland. I'm sure it's not what it looks like - I am told they all have "the hots" for me. I'm sure Zorro was just saying something privately to Rino.... Buster sure looks very embarrassed though! They are all red blooded males, check them out!
Elaridge Just William, AKA "Domino", is a lively adorable Dalmatian who lives in Hertfordshire in England. Now that is a "handle" to be proud of! He will be 3 in November 2001 and has his own website. He has a lot of doggie friends and one of the biggest online photo albums starring himself, his family and many of his international friends. His mummy is a Crufts Champion. That is REALLY impressive! I just know he wants me - you can tell it in the eyes. Am I seeing spots or just breathless and weak with anticipation? Domino
Brownie - photo by his mum
Am I lucky or what! How do I attract such delicious hunks? This is Merrie Fudge Brownie, aka 'Brownie', a five year old chocolate labrador retriever. He loves to play ball and frisbee and pose for photos. They say he is the clown of the family, and does lots of tricks. He has invited me to a "wedwink" - a wedding for one of his feline siblings. It sure sounds like fun. You can visit his very varied family here
Is this Casey a stud or what? But he is not yet two! They will probably accuse me of cradle-snatching if I let my heart take over. He has two cat siblings, Kerby & Honey, and you can check them all out here. Girls - look - but don't touch!


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