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If you would like to be one of Jendi's CyberFriends just email me with a photo and a bio.

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New - Friends Mum and Dad have cuddled and patted!


This is little Biscuit, a Chihuahua girl, born in 2001. She comes from Kentucky, and says that she was named Biscuit because she was so small that when she curled up she looked just like a biscuit. I better not let my friends Fidel or Spike see her or they might be tempted to be unfaithful! She says that she is pampered like a princess - well, when you look like her, you just know you will have them eating out of your hand. Guess what? She got married to my friend Scamp!

What do you think girls? Is this a dog worth a few rounds of the table? His name is Xator and he is a German Shepherd. He has a "girlfriend" but they are "just good friends" and he says that he is definitely "available"! Can you imagine the looks I would get walking down the street with him beside me - talk about stepping out with the Captain of the Football Team! Such a great bod but so many miles separating us! Such is life! Check out his site here - you can even see his girlfriend -Sasha.


This is my Argentinian girlfriend Kait. She is a german shepherd-mix and is 8 years old. She got rescued from the streets when she was only 1 year old. Life might have started out rough but did she get lucky - what a loving family she has now! She looks like she is ready for a game of "chuck and fetch". Kait and Hotaru don't have a website yet but you can email them here

This is Kait's sister Hotaru. She is four years old but was abused as a little puppy. She is very lucky that her mum found her and gave her heaps of TLC. She is a very happy and playful dog now. She is a bit bigger than me but I still think that we could have great games - just look at those gentle eyes! Email her here



Is this like looking in a mirror? Tell me I'm dreaming to have this gorgeous hunk for a friend! His name is Casey and he is from Houston, Texas. They say he is a "smooth coated Lhasa Apso". He was born in January 2001, so some might consider him a bit of a "toy-boy" for a lady of my years. Who cares? What a handsome couple we would make. Check him out - but "hands off, girls"! I'm not sure what will being called "cuddlecakes" in front of the whole world will do for his macho image though?

This is my friend from Massachusetts - Max. He is a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix. There is really no way you can make a good word out of that mix - cockapoo, poo'ncock. They settled for Cockapoo - it's still embarrassing! He has a brother called Sam, but the less said about that the better. Max goes to the bestest places in his dreams - Italy, France! He may even come to Oz one day. I believe that he has now visited Antarctica.


This is AnnaBelle who was born on 1-6-02. Her mum says that she is a wonderful little prissy girl. I can relate to that - I'm DEFINITELY feminine. She loves her dachshund sister, Gretta and all her kitty brofurs and sisfurs too! What a little heartbreaker - Jangles has gone "ape" - I think it is the ribbons in her hair!

AnnaBelle, and all her family, can be seen on her mommy's website

This is my first Australian cyber-friend. His name is Scamp and he hails from Queensland. He is a Chihuahua and only weighs about 3 kg. I would have to be gentle with him because I am almost 6 kg. He has been honest and told me that his heart belongs to Biscuit so I guess we will only ever be "good friends" - but we all need some of those don't we? Why don't you visit Scamp, his brother Malcolm and their feline siblings? He and Biscuit got married in June. The pictures are great!



Well, we obviously started a trend. I now have an Aussie girlfriend too! She is Ariadne. She is a 3 yr old country girl from Western Australia. She says that her mum was a friendly sort and so she has a bit of Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, some Shepherd and some Husky in her. That should give her some pretty "robust" genes as they say. She has a boyfriend called Shadow who lives in Denmark and they have had a couple of play-dates where he taught her how to play tug. He is very handsome and he is not rough with her and doesn't "gob her fur". She "luuuuuurvs" him. Sorry boys! But you can still dream

This is another Aussie - little Honey from South Australia. She is a Maltese/Chihuahua and only four and a half months old. She is VERY little - only 2.2 kg. Her best friend is her cousin Jessie - a Maltese/Poodle who shares his pig ears with her! What a little gentleman! She has been to puppy pre-school and learned how to sit, lay down and walk on her lead. She doesn't have a website yet but you can email her.


Prince and Blues

These dogs with great bods are Blues and Prince, English Setters from Sweden. Blues is just a kid (born in 2002) but Prince is a grand gentleman of 10. At a dog show one of the judges said of him "Masculine head with beautiful expression, good topline, nice body, well angulated,excellent coat. Nice free movements from side." Wow! Check them out!

This is Zena from Belgium. Her mum came to Australia and stayed with us. We got so many cuddles that we just knew how much her mum was missing her. She is a Golden Retriever and she loves playing in the snow - whatever that is. It does look like fun though.

She says that you can play around in it, get it all over you and still not get dirty! Doesn't sound real to me.

She doesn't have a website yet but you can email her mum.

Zena from Belgium

This is the fabulously named Cherwyn's Boy Paco. He just gets called Paco actually. He lives on the west coast of Florida. Looks like he might be well behaved - sitting so still for a very impressive photo.

He will have to tell Jangles how to behave and get great photos. You can visit him here.

This is Susie. She is Paco's sister - so that means she also lives in Florida. He thinks she is a pretty good sister. Jangles thinks she looks fabulous. His girlfriend, Missy, might have to be careful!

Jessie and Andy

This is the gorgeous Jessie and little Andy from Northern Germany - Meppen actually. Jessie is the mainstay of her own business - "Cocker Of My Sweet Castle Alge", and at the 17th of August 2003 she had BABIES! One of them was Andy. His father was a Champion from Germany.

Their mum and dad have a restaurant, and they are allowed to go too. That must be REALLY sophisticated - being able to eat out at a flash restaurant!

Now I have a second "doppelganger". This is Claude from Canberra. He's a Maltese x Papillon and he's 5 years old. It must be fate - that's exactly how old I am!

He says he is happiest when he's chasing birds (the feathered kind) - he hates them, especially the ones who steal his dog biscuits!! Who could blame him.

His mum said that he's living in hope that he'll get to make a baby Claude one of these days. Well that's certainly a job I'm volunteering for!! Would they be beautiful or what?



This is Sydney from Canada. He is just a baby now but you can tell he is going to be a real heartbreaker. I can hardly wait until he is old enough to be my "toy boy".

They say he is an Aussie Shepherd and REALLY clever and will be learning to do lots of difficult agility and stuff.

Imagine that - handsome and intelligent! Check him out.

This is what mum says Jangles and I should be like. Mia and Trixie really love each other. They are seven years old and come from Ireland. Trixie is a bit of a heroine - she once risked her life to save a cat from being hurt by a really big dog. Jangles said he would fight to save Mittens too - if he had to! They have lots of great poems and stories on their site.

Mia and Trixie


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