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If you would like to be one of Jendi's CyberFriends just email me with a photo and a bio.

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New - Friends Mum and Dad have cuddled and patted!

This is what mum says Jangles and I should be like. Mia and Trixie really love each other. They are seven years old and come from Ireland. Trixie is a bit of a heroine - she once risked her life to save a cat from being hurt by a really big dog. Jangles said he would fight to save Mittens too - if he had to! They have lots of great poems and stories on their site.

Mia and Trixie

Lola and Mayling

Lola and Mayling are Pekingese from near New Orleans, Looosiana. My mum said that is how they say it!!

Anyway, they are sisters who don't actually live together - they live next door so get to play together each day.Supposedly "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" - when you are that pretty, what can you expect? Mayling has been very sick with a back problem and had to have an operation,but we think she is OK now. Thank heavens!

Isn't Claudette gorgeous? Sorry boys, but she is married! Her husband is Teddy and she hopes they are going to have babies soon. Secretly, I think I am pleased she is out of circulation - she makes the competition a bit fierce! She lives in Louisiana and you can visit her and her whole family there.


I don't have a lot of parrot friends so it is good to get to know a few. This is Baby, a one and a half year old Black Headed Caique parrot, brother of Pepsi & Max.

He had a poorly start in life but his parents looked after him and spoilt him rotten. I can understand why! Well, now he's a handsome, cheeky, young man!

He says he is fighting fit and always on the go. He can talk, as well as whistle his favourite tunes. I think he is really cool. He says he can lie on his back but is so fast his parents haven't been able to get a photo of him at it.

Are these a couple of cute Cavaliers? They are Pepsi & Max. They are named after their mum's favourite drink.. don't ask why! Even they don't know!

They come from Wales in the UK and are 8 months old now. No wonder they are still so cute!

They love going for rides in the car - just like me!They say they could spend all day driving round with the wind in their floppy ears!

They admit to the occasional tiff BUT love each other lots and hate being apart. They get on really well ... APART from nicking each others toys!


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