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Mum and Dad went travelling and they sent me these photos of friends they have cuddled and patted. They don't all have websites - some of them are definitely disadvantaged! - but some of them are friends I have had FOR YEARS. For some reason, they didn't take us to meet the friends ourselves - something about "quarantine in Australia" but we think they just wanted us to keep working as "watchdogs" with them away. Someone has to stay to keep an eye on things!

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This is our very first friend, Eli from Carson City, Nevada. I think he is very handsome. Mum said he was very gentle even though he is a bit big! His eyes do look gentle don't they?

Bailey This is Meg and she lives in the Eldorado Hills outside Sacramento. Her tail wags so hard that she even can break things if they are kept on low tables! That is REALLY friendly.
Jake is real working dog from The Dalles. He has sheep and goats that live at his house and he gets to boss around. He also has hens and chickens but I don't think they take much notice of him.
Kramer is Jake's "brother". He is named after Kramer on the Jerry Seinfeld show - so you know that he is not very coordinated! He tries to help Jake sometimes with the sheep and goats but I think Jake would prefer that he didn't. Mum said he loved cuddles - well, duh! Who doesn't?
In Boise, Idaho, mum and dad met Oscar. He is a Chow Chow - hence the blue tongue. They met him on Halloween. I think they thought he was wearing scary makeup!! Personally, I think it just makes him more interesting.
Penny looks like a working dog but she isn't. She lives in Idaho Falls and isn't allowed to go chasing other pets. Jangles thinks she is absolutely gorgeous!
Don't you just go wild with these "over the shoulder" shots. I know Rudy knows he is just driving me crazy! What a hunk! He lives in Denver - a mile up in the sky. We live right by the water so we can't even imagine how high a mile up would be - but I bet it can get cold.
In Shreveport mum met Carlton. He is just a baby now but he will be a little heartbreaker soon. Mum said he has already broken her heart - when she had to leave! He is so cute!
This is Carlton's older sister, Chelsea. I can understand if she doesn't like all the attention he gets. Little kids can soak up so much attention, so many cuddles that sometimes you wonder if there can be any left over. Luckily, in her house, there is still plenty for everyone!
Jo-Jo lives with a pretty big canine family in Lafayette, Louisiana. That is down in Bayou country. She is so pretty that I was even a bit dubious about putting her picture up here - all my boyfriends might get ideas!
Niblet has moved in with Jo Jo and Sammy quite recently. Their dad seems to look after anyone who needs it. She used to live close by but must have liked the food or the company better with Jo Jo and Sammy.
Maybe it has something to do with the Bayou water that makes all the girls so beautiful! Sammy is the head of the household, and does she know that she is a knockout!
This is Sally who lives with Maizzy in New Orleans. Their house wasn't too badly damaged by Katrina so they can still live there. They don't have too many friends any more though. They go down to near the levees for their walks and meet a few dogs but not like it was before. Sally is really clever and really, really sweet. Once, Maizzie got lost and Sally led everyone to her.
Maizzie doesn't like to get her picture taken and she is VERY quick getting away from the camera. She really loves her sister though and they play lots together. Just like me and Jangles I suppose, except they are both girls so the games are a bit more refined!
Ok, talk about big families! This is just ridiculous. This is Chloe. she lives with her litter sister Daisy and their other sister Zena. Then, there are the kids! Chloe and Zena went adventuring one night when mum and dad were visiting and didn't come home all night! Mum thinks that Zena went on the "rantan" and that Chloe stayed with her to make sure she was OK. That is what sisters are for! Anyway, they live in Fairburn, just near Atlanta, Georgia.
Daisy can't go adventuring for a little while - she had NINE (count them!), nine kids. She is a bit tired most days now. Her "husband" is a black labrador but I think there might be a "separation" in the wind - if you know what I mean!
Zena has also had babies and this is her "bestest" kid, Knucklehead. Well, he was named "BigFoot" until dad came along and called him Knucklehead and the name sort of "took". He idolises Daisy and Chloe too and just can't get enough of the new puppies. He said he was just helping in case any coyotes come to try to hurt them. We think his dad might have been a German Shepherd - what do you think?
Is this a "poster girl" or what? Zena is just absolutely gorgeous, with a capital "G". She is a bit of an adventurer, and I hate to say it, but she may be a "hussy" - staying out overnight!!!! And we know Chloe isn't visiting the boys any more!! I think that Zena might be getting fixed pretty soon - if she isn't already in the family way! Everyone was really worried when she was out all night and absolutely "exhausted" when she came home. She couldn't move for several hours!
Poor Daisy! All nine of them wanting dinner at once!
Taylor also lives in Atlanta, but she is an inner-city girl. She looks a lot like my friend Baby from Birchgrove. She had a lot of Sheltie in her, and she is as gentle and sweet and cuddly as Baby too. Mum fell in love all over again. I just hope she is still missing ME!!!
This is Taylor's cousin Saffy. She lives next door and they play a lot together. She is like Jangles in some ways - she just pushes her head in so she can get pats and cuddles from anyone, anytime! Who could resist anyway?

Three little Schnauzers from Tennessee.

Can you believe but mum and dad actually met my "old" cyberfriends, Tilly, Abby and JennySue? They live on "acreage" just near the foot of the Smoky Mountains. It is really beautiful. They are very lucky
This is Abby. She is very "deep and mysterious" - Jangles has always had the hots for her. Are those "come hither" eyes or what?
Tilly had retired from her job as a Therapy Dog. She is training JennySue to take her place though. She is sooo clever! Brains and beauty - too much in one small package.
JennySue is the "kid" in the family. But she is growing up quickly now that she is training to be a Therapy Dog. You have to be so good, obedient and tolerant! I think she looks like Jangles a lot - poor girl!

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