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Mum and Dad visited the UK and Europe in the winter. So it was REALLY cold. What is even stranger - it was cold there at the very same time as it was hot here! Can you believe that? Anyway, these are photos of friends they have cuddled and patted.

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This is Jess from Liverpool - YES! Where the Beatles came from. And mum and dad did take the "Ferry Across the Mersey" but Jess didn't go with them. Doesn't she look elegant??


Mum said she was pretty big but ever so gentle.
Not averse to taking a well earned nap! She certainly enjoyed her naps and her walks.


Works hard - plays hard.

Dante - my almost first-est cyberfriend.

We have been friends since I was really little.

Isn't he handsome? I can't believe that mum left me behind and went to visit him on her own. He lives in Halmstad in Sweden. It is near the coast but it is still really cold!
Handsome and talented. Some guys just "have it all". He has a treat right on his nose and he can just sit there until his mum says "go" - (or whatever that is in Swedish!) - and then he can flick it into his mouth. And mum said he almost never misses!
I said it was cold! I am sure my little tootsies would get very cold walking around in lots of snow like this, but Dante seems to just have fun. Some guys are like that - everything in life is a fun adventure. I just love that attitude.
Just so all you girls can drool over how lucky I am to have such a gorgeous hunk for my friend. I wonder if he will ever visit Australia? Hint! Hint! Nudge! Nudge!
This is Kicia from Warsaw. If you think Halmstad is cold, you should go to Warsaw. It is even colder. Kicia never goes out really, but she is VERY good in the house and never has "accidents". BP thinks she is very pretty!
BP is having a bit of a fit now that he saw this photo! Wow - hubba hubba!!!
I am putting this photo up to wrangle BP. He is so "in love" but she is so out of his reach. Suffer BP!
Kali lives in Geneva. BP just doesn't know what to do now. Two gorgeous girls but each as unattainable as the other. The story of his life he says!
Kali does look very "ladylike" sitting here on her "chaise-longue". Mum said we can't ever have white furnishings because we would get everything messy! I guess cats are a bit more refined than Jangles anyway. I'm sure we could have white if it was only me!

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