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Our New American Family

Well, these are our cousins from Tahlequah, Oklahoma in the United States. They "work" for dad's brother! They are watchdogs too - just like us. It's weird - they have exactly the same job that we have! Maybe it has something to do with the family gene pool. When mum was there she helped their mum create a website for them too, so they are not so disadvantaged now.

Mum said that Zuzu was a lot like me and that Sebastian was a lot like Jangles. Poor Sebastian!!

Doesn't she look gorgeous? Well, I suppose anyone would look great with those bows in her hair. Mum said they only stayed in for one day - at the MOST - after she had been to the beauty salon. Zuzu doesn't like to be in "formal attire" for too long.

I do wish Sebastian wasn't a cousin. He is such a hunk. But, apparently he didn't want to share his Christmas toy. Over there, when you go to the Beauty Salon at Christmas, they give you a Christmas present! They should make that compulsory all over the world!
I think Zuzu is such a refined lady. No wonder mum said she reminded her of me! And not stuck up at all either.
While he won't share his toy with anyone, Sebastian does insist that everyone play with him. Mum found a way to get him to drop the toy - she just tickled his tummy!!!!!

Personally I think that was a "no-brainer" - you have to open your mouth to go "Ahhhhh!" when someone tickles your tummy
Jangles is beside himself now - he is so frustrated that Zuzu is his cousin. She is just his age too - they would make a beautiful couple. If only................
They like to have a bit of a wrestle under the fabulous Christmas tree. Their tree is a real one that has to get watered every week and everything. But, they are not allowed to eat it!!
Now this is too much! He is MY DAD! It is OK to get a few cuddles BUT his lap is MINE!
I guess I can understand why dad wanted to cuddle them - they look adorable.
Apparently Sebastian is very cultured and reads a lot.
And he also showed off his bedroon - obviously he is a bit of a TV addict!
Zuzu, so I am told, is highly motivated by food - if you know what I mean!
How does she manage to keep that fabulous figure?
Just in case you needed reminding about how cute Sebastian is!!!!!!
Those bows!!! BOW-WOW!

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