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Playing Together

Sometimes my friends have their own families and have good games together with siblings or other rellies.

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This is Jake and Kramer from The Dalles, Oregon. Kramer tries to be a clever dog like Jake but he just can't make it.

Maizzie and Sally at the beach - on the waterfront of the Missippi River in New Orleans.
And, relaxing at home.
Saffy and Taylor in Atlanta - each wanting to get some more cuddles. They were a very cuddly pair!
Knucklehead just thinks that Daisy can do no wrong! He will protect her and her babies from anyone!
Mothers have to be tolerant! Knucklehead having a go at his mum's leg.
Chloe is also one of Knucklehead's targets. They are all such tolerant girls - he is a six month old "boy's boy". He doesn't know how to play gently.
These are all Daisy's pups. They have their own house in the yard with lots of straw to keep them warm and a wird fence around so it will be easy for Daisy and Knucklehead, and Chloe and Zena to protect them from predators. Daisy and Chloe are apparently a really good "team", and Knucklehead would probably be in the thick of any action!
Tilly and JennySue are on the watch for any visitors.
Little Carlton making sure he is the centre of attention, even when Chelsea is there!
I don't know how she can be so tolerant - little boys can be soooooo annoying sometimes. And this is just rude!
Maizzie has found something interesting and Sally is keeping her eye out for intruders.
This is Zuzu and Sebastian from Tahlequah. They are our "cousins" - well, some sort of relatives. You have to admit that they are pretty cute together.


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