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This is my mum when she was just four years old. It was her first school ball and she thought that she had the most beautiful ball gown in the world.

This is my mum at her final school "ball" when she was 15 years old. She was wearing a VERY DARING strapless dress, and the nuns were NOT amused!

This is mum in her first real "grown-up" dress. I believe it was called a "sack-dress" and she thought she looked so sophisticated in it.

In her twenties - you can probably guess by the hairstyle that my mum's twenties were a VERY LONG time ago!

Still in her twenties and just before she went to live in Papua New Guinea. This picture was outside the flat she shared at Darling Point in Sydney - it had a fabulous view of the harbour.

Mum seems pretty happy to be graduating from University!

Mum spent most of her thirties in Papua New Guinea. She did enjoy her time there, and began her appreciation of fine wines and squash.

My mum has done some strange stuff in her time. Here she is caving (spielunking I think it is called) in the mountains west of Sydney.

Dressed up for a party in her fourties!

She learned how to play Squash in PNG and continued after she returned to Sydney. She played OK and got an invitation to enter the NSW State Championship!

I said she does weird stuff - here she is in the turret of an APC - part of her military training - and she was into her fifties here! Will she never learn!

She decided that she wanted to go up in a bi-plane and do some aerobatics! I think she is getting more senile as the years go by!

Well, once she reached her 60's, she thought she needed a bit of help in the photo department, so she went to get some "proper" photos taken. She is at an age when she needs a bit of "camera expertise"!

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