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Mike -young

An innocent youngster - maybe! A fresh-faced teenager.
007 - what a cool-dude! The soldier - about to go off to war.
The Fonz - eat your heart out Henry Winkler. Ready to break a few hearts.
The 40 ies - cooking up a storm - and then relaxing on the water.
Into his 50ies - back in the kitchen - On the balcony of the holiday house just north of Sydney
This is one of dad's most treasured photos. It is with his dad, in Saigon, during the war. They even got into a firefight together!
Mick - the bushie Mick - the Officer and Gentleman
Mick had a couple of photos taken professionally. He really loves the Aussie bush look but also felt that he had to have a formal Army one too.
Mary and Mick in casual gear Mary and Mick in formal Army clobber
He also insisted on a couple of "duets" - one casula and one Army formal. You notice that he is covering mum's pips - he doesn't want it widely known that she outranks him! He wins in the decorations department though!

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