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Jangles This is my new brother, Jangles. Jangles was born on March 3, 2001. He came to live with us when he was ten weeks old and we became best friends almost immediately. He must have smelt a bit because I didn't like him for a day or two, and that is the only thing that I can think it would have been - because he is really a lot of fun and very playful. He now has his own website.

Gonzo This is my big "brother" Gonzo. Gonzo died on Christmas Eve, 2000. He was the gentlest, most loving companion. We will all miss him terribly. He was my leader and my hero.

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We also have Cats in our family


This is BP - he was really named Bottomless Pit because he ate so much when he was a kitten. He is just a moggie but we all love him. He always lets me play with him if I want. He never puts his claws out, so I don't get hurt at all. He was not at all happy when Mum and Dad got Mittens. I think he was jealous of all the time I spent with her. But he loves Mittens now!


Mittens Mittens came to us about a year ago. She is a Domestic Shorthair (i.e. Moggie, really). She was just a baby kitten so I had to look after her. I groomed her and carried her around the house and everything. We are now the very best of friends and have really energetic games and we still groom each other. We chase, wrestle and dive bomb each other but we never try to hurt.

Jangles has all growed up now. Isn't he handsome?


Almost ready to go to the groomers!

Just trying to look so innocent - NOT!

Here are some more photos of us all together

Mittens on the prowl
Jendi and Gonzo
Jendi grooming Mittens
Jendi with Mittens
Jendi with Mittens again
Jendi profile
Jendi and Jangles

These are some globes that Prince and Blues, my cyber-friends from Sweden, sent me. Their mum, Siw, is really clever and can do stuff my mum just dreams about! We just love them. Thank you Siw Lindelof.

Jendi and Jangles

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