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This is Archie. He REALLY wants to be my boyfriend. But a girl has to maintain a "air of mystery", right? I drive him crazy by playing hard to get. I try to be really cool and ignore him when he tries so hard to get my attention. It's hard being cool, because he is so handsome, and my heart does go "flitter-flutter". A girl's life is not easy! Sometimes, Archie's mum and dad have his hair cut - last year they gave him the dog equivalent of a crew-cut!
Boy, did he look funny.


I think I played "hard-to-get" once too often. He has moved about 40 km away and I don't see him any more.

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This is my best friend Miffy. She is part Chihuahua and part Maltese Terrier. She and I went to Puppy School together and have been friends ever since. We even have "sleep-overs" sometimes when her humans or my mum and dad have to go away. When we are together we just play til we drop.

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This is Dave. Well, his full name is Dave-d-dog. Wow, what a cool handle! His dad had done some work on the house for my mum. He is a bit older than I am. You can see that he has his driving licence already. Mum won't let me have mine, even though I sit up really straight when she puts the "people" seat-belt on me when I am in the car. Dave is a dog a girl can feel really safe around - he will protect you from any dangers.

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This is Tiger. She came to live with us when she was REALLY old! About 19 years old! Her mum had to go into hospital and couldn't look after her for a while. What a gentle old lady she was! But she was quite assertive when it came to getting attention. She made lots of noise - mum said she really talked whenever she came into the room. Jangles and I both loved her lots but Mittens wasn't so sure about her. We think she was 20 years old when she died.

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Mountain Folk

I have a lot of friends who live in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. You can see from the picture of Whisky with Alicija why they are called Blue!

Milly This is my friend Milly. She is part Jack Russell Terrier and part Maltese Terrier. Her humans are my Mum's nieces. She calls me a "flatlander" but I don't think she means to be mean. It is just a joke that mountain people make about us sophisticated city dwellers. She is five months younger than I am, so I feel very mature when I am around her. She likes to play a lot and when we get together we end up quite exhausted. Her humans are very pleased when that happens!


Patch is Milly's brother. He is really big - well, we all think so anyway. He is part Labrador and part Kelpie. He is really gentle with us - especially considering how rough Milly is with him. Heidi with Patch


He is allowed to run in the park that is opposite their house. He always comes home when he is called. He has lived in the mountains all his life and spends most of the time outside. I think he is really tough. This is a picture of him with Heidi

Patch passed peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, September 5, 2004. He is greatly missed.

Alicija and Whisky

Heidi and Alicija have just got a beautiful horse named Whisky. He is very lucky because he lives in the beautiful Megalong Valley in the (obviously) Blue Mountains. He is being trained so he can go to Pony Club and be really obedient! Everyone says he is very clever.


This is Coco. He is a Lhasa Apso who lives with a close friend of my mum's nieces. He came to his mum when she was very sick and he made her get better. He is very gentle but still playful. He has good games with Milly, but gets tired a bit faster than her (doesn't everyone!). He is really good in the house, and never has "accidents" or anything.

Check out my "Park Pals" - on the BalmainDogs website

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