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Aussie flag

Olympic Collage

A collage of memorabilia - the "Audience Participation Lunchbox/Suitcase" from the Opening Ceremony, the similar "Esky" from the Closing Ceremony. These were under every seat and contained the torches, wristbands etc that the audience "waved" to spectacular effect throughout the performances. A volunteer's hat and bum-bag, AND an official Australian team jacket given to me by one of the Gold Medal winning Hockeyroos, at the Closing Ceremony. It was a bribe, which I, to my shame [but, not regret], accepted!

A popular cartoon during the Olympics. It is by Nick Bleasel. He has a whole lot of Olympic cartoons, posters etc on his website

Olympic Cartoon
Alicija Ancich - Torchbearer

My niece Alicija getting into position for the torch relay. She carried the torch from Blackheath to Medlow Bath.

The Police Escort on specially issued Harleys wait with Alicija - and try to keep her calm.

Police Escort
The Changeover

The flame passes to Alicija - all the way from Greece. It was carried throughout Australia for 100 days before igniting the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony.

And she is off! Cathy Freeman would have had difficulty keeping up with Alicija. Her escort runners were left in her wake and even the police had to be on their mettle as they guided her through the cheering throng.

Taking Off
Opening Ceremony preparations

All the performers, marshals and horse handlers waited at the Sydney International Athletics Centre before moving to Stadium Australia. There were about 10,000 people involved in some way with the Opening Ceremony.

Medallists received a bouquet of Australian native flowers. A large number of florists were involved in preparing these.

Medallists bouquet
Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House was bathed in spectacular lights throughout the Olympic Games. The colours and design constantly changing.

Street performers roam the Olympic Athletes Village just outside the unbelievably huge dining hall. Some parts of the village comprised permanent houses - now part of a suburban housing sub-division.

Village Scene
Olympic Village

The Australian athletes decorated their lodgings with great enthusiasm. Almost every house in the Aussie section had flags, balloons, beer cans and/or stuffed animals so that you were in no doubt where you were!

Every day hundreds of thousands made their way to the Olympic precinct. But, somehow everything from transport to toilet facilities seemed to work perfectly.

Homebush Crowds

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