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This is Banda who is about 8 months old. She is a black and white Fancy mouse with large ears and she lives with her mouse friends in a great big tank with lots of climbing toys and deep bedding to play in.

She is pretty athletic and has really good balance. She could probably even ride a horse. Unlike me!! I look pretty unsteady.

Banda the acrobat

I think Banda is a bit like me - a real "peacemaker". She says "I'm very good natured and get along with all the other mice. If one of them is being picked on or doesn't feel well, I sit and sleep with them until they’re better. Here I am with Blaze. She's a very nice mouse and I like her a lot." What a sweetie!

BAnda with Blaze

Here she is playing with some of her toys.


You can check out Banda and all her friends here.

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  1. Jendi's Playmate of the Month must be either a creature or a kid.

  2. I am not racist but I am a "bit" scared of reptiles. If you nominate a reptile, make sure you convince me that it is very friendly and loving - I do not want to be squished by a python or snapped by a crocodile!

  3. All Playmates must be very playful. I play most games, but I am not allowed to chase cars.

  4. Your photo must be in .gif or .jpg format.

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How to Apply

  1. Send my mum an Email email

  2. Tell her

    • your name

    • your URL (if you have one)

    • your e-mail address   

    • the games you like to play most   

    • anything you would like me to include under your picture, if you are selected

    • include the picture you would like me to use BUT in .gif or .jpg format

  3. That's about it - I look forward to hearing from you and Good Luck!

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