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with thanks to Afferbeck Lauder

Aussie flag

Strine was first documented by Afferbeck Lauder back in the 1960's. His groundbreaking work - Let Stalk Strine - highlighted the fact that Australians had not only developed their own idioms in English but had, in fact, developed a whole different language.

To appreciate Strine you have to phonetically say each phrase out loud with as much of an Aussi accent as you can muster. You can often then identify the English or American equivalent.

Here are just a few of the words and phrases in the language.



Afferbeck Lauder

alphabetical order



let stalk strine

let's talk Australian

nose tone unturned

no stone unturned

bra sharp

brush up

emma chisit?

how much is it? (what is the price)

egg nishner


yerron yerrone

you are on your own

jar slesky pon torgon Strine

just let's keep on talking Australian

snow ewe smite

it's no use, mate

tiger teasie

take it easy

arkahn's top

I can't stop

saul-wright few

it's alright for you

warm-eye gonadoo

what am I going to do

kannew ka minnear

can you come in here

soym gwynn

saw him go in

butter dinsim carmairt

but I didn't see him come out

I wonna go woam

I want to go home

far spola

fast bowler (like a baseball pitcher!)

canniver bitter

can I have a bit of --

thaw ninny side

thorn in his side

pidiot stoo

pity it is too --

wee jar stono

we just don't know

ease dregs

Easter eggs

umpziggen tardafit

I am sick and tired of it

chew plonker

do you belong to --?

he nair fradder penny

he never had a penny

carmen awards

coming towards

I padder dim

I patted him

yuma sketcher rare cut

you must get your hair cut

muspy summer stike

must be some mistake

carmen air flooker tit

come and have a look at it

welken knife

well, can I have

gnome or gnus

no more news

calm bear klyter

come back later

key powder vere

keep out of here

sly drool

a sort of ruler for doing rough calculations

nerve sprake tan

caused by too much anxiety

apsly fairbilis

could not be better - also a UK comedy show

less jar soap

let's just hope

bare new spares

Bad News Bears

anorl erking sauces, anorl erking smen

Humpty Dumpty line!

tie pre coda

tape recorder

euro merlee

you're home early

butter monner doyt

but I'm on a diet




love to

oy lah few

I love you

answer mice

and some ice

jar stewart

a Nike advertisement

jars yew annoy

just you and I

sno widen the severed wharves

Snow White and the seven dwarfs

scona beer a gloria sty

going to be a glorious day

spew till full climb a treely

a beautiful climate really

jeeziwas coal lah snite

geez, it was cold last night

mine jute slaways coal dinna mournin

mind you, it's always cold in the morning

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