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Mary and Michael were married on Valentines Day, February 14th, 1987. The wedding was celebrated in St Augustine's Church at Balmain and after a short stop at mum's house for "nibblies", everyone boarded a yacht and sailed to a little island in the middle of Sydney Harbour - Clark Island. Luckily, it was a beautiful summer's day. I don't think they had a "wet-weather plan"!

The Groom arrives

Signing the register

The groom and best-man arrive at the church! Signing the Marriage Certificate
Exiting the church
over the threshhold
Exiting the Church. Over the threshhold!
With Alicija
on Sunchaser
Alicija was our flower-girl at the church and then she got into her sailor-suit for the yacht trip. On the yacht - the Sunchaser.
On Clark Island
On Sunchaser
A relaxed walk over the island. The End of a Perfect Day!

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